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Dissection workshop on the comparative anatomy of the pelvic floor

We would like to gauge interest for a 6-hour intensive dissection workshop focused on the comparative anatomy of the pelvic floor, to be held during the ICVM meeting in Cairns, Australia. Please contact Diane Kelly to let us know if you’re interested – data on interest will help us secure funding.

Participants will dissect in small teams; each team will be assigned a male or female specimen of a representative squamate, placental mammal, marsupial, or monotreme. If interest is sufficient and outside funding is obtained, the workshop will be held at the James Cook University Nguma-bada campus in Smithfield (a 20 minute drive from the ICVM convention hall). The event will be capped at 18 participants.

• Patricia Brennan (Mount Holyoke College)
• Diane Kelly (University of Massachusetts, Amherst)
• Rachel Norris (University of Adelaide)

Workshop: Text
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