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ISVM members are organizing an exciting set of 16 symposia and special sessions

  • Teeth: morphology, function, and evolution

    • Organizers: ​Maïtena Dumont and Marion Segall

  • The sensory world of vertebrates

    • ​Organizers: Timothy D. Smith and Irina Ruf

  • Taking a breath: The mechanics and evolution of tetrapod ventilation

    • ​Organizers: Katrina Jones and Robert Brocklehurst

  • Traumatic brain injury, not just for humans

    • ​Organizer: Nicole Ackermans

  • Long in the tooth: new insights into the functional morphology of hypertrophied canines from gorgonopsids to sabertooth cats

    • ​Organizers: Adam Hartstone-Rose, Tahlia Pollock and Lars Werdelin 

  • Functional morphology and biomechanics of trabecular bone: Insights across organisms and scales

    • ​Organizers: Stephanie Smith, Michael Doube and Sandra Shefelbine

  • The morphology of coral reef fishes: functional, ecological, and evolutionary implications

    • ​Organizers: Michalis Mihalitsis and Roi Holzman

  • Anatomical variations of hearing and sound production in amniotes

    • ​Organizers: Jason M. Bourke, Laura Wilson and Daisuke Koyabu

  • Domestication and feralization: modern techniques on evolutionary exemplars

    • ​Organizers: Ana Balcarcel; Emma Sherratt and Aki Watanabe

  • Development, genetics, biomechanics, and evolution of the spine in vertebrates

    • ​Organizers: Maxime Taverne, Christine Böhmer, Roman Hossein Khonsari and Mehran Moazen

  • More than sucking, chewing, and swallowing – Feeding biomechanics in vertebrates and beyond

    • ​Organizers: Christine Böhmer, Daniela E. Winkler, Mugino O. Kubo, Shinji Nagata

  • The integumentary skeleton – evolution, development, biomechanics, bioinspiration

    • ​Organizers: Mehran Moazen, Matt Vickaryous and Catherine Williams

  • Paleohistological inferences of paleobiological traits in Pseudosuchia

    • ​Organizers: Mariana Valéria de Araújo Sena, Holly Woodward and Jorge Cubo

  • Symposium in honor of Sue Herring: a giant in her field

    • ​Organizers: Rebecca German, Anthony Herrel and J. Matthias Starck

  • New Approaches to Vertebrate Brain Evolution

    • ​Organizers: Kara Yopak, Andrew Iwaniuk

  • Special Session in Honour of Professor Walter J. Bock

    • ​Organizer: Dominique Homberger

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