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The International Society of Vertebrate Morphology (ISVM) promotes international collaboration and cooperation in vertebrate morphology and between vertebrate morphology and other biological sciences. To do so, ISVM sponsors the International Congresses of Vertebrate Morphology (ICVMs), an exquisite forum for researchers in vertebrate morphology, engaged in fields as diverse as functional morphology, evo-devo, paleontology, and modeling, to name but a few. The Congresses are held typically every three years, and their broad goal is to provide an opportunity for interaction, integration, and interfacing. Through a mixture of symposia, workshops, poster sessions and lightning talks, everyone from senior scholars to students shares ideas in an informal and stimulating environment. The next meeting will be held in Cairns, July 28-August 1 2023 (please note date change). Stay tuned for official information on the the next Congress: ICVM-13.

The last ICVM Congress, ICVM-12, held in Prague in July 2019, was an overwhelming success, both in terms of the quality and diversity of the science that was presented, and of the number of attendants. A very large fraction participated for the first - but certainly not the last - time. 

So, be sure to join us in Cairns in 2023!

Nadia Fröbisch, PhD, ISVM President

Museum für Naturkunde, Berlin

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ISVM Officers, 2019-2023
President: Nadia Fröbisch (Germany)
President-Elect: John Hutchinson (UK)
Past President: Beth Brainerd (USA)
Secretary: Brooke Flammang (USA)
Treasurer: Dominique Adriaens (Belgium)

ISVM Executive Committee, 2019-2023
Julia Desojo (Argentina)
Anne-Claire Fabre (France)
Colleen G. Farmer (USA)
Anjali Goswami (UK)
Daisuke Koyabu (Hong Kong)
John Nyakatura (Germany)
Olga Panagiotopoulou (Australia)
Stephanie Pierce (USA)
Karen E. Sears (USA)
Vera Weisbecker (Australia)

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